Cutter the strayed dog (Labrador&Pit Bull Mix) at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance

Cutter the Pit Bull & Labrador Mix

Cutter the Pit Bull & Labrador Mix

Cutter, the Labrador and Pitbull mix was walking down a busy street with a limp in Los Angeles one day. He didn’t have a collar on nor was he microchipped. He was very skinny and dirty when he was found, and also had skin problems because of malnutrition and stress from roaming around.

Now, he has started his new life with one of our staff members and her boyfriend. They got him microchipped and gave him the new name “Cutter”. Cutter means a small single-masted boat. He is very sweet around people, but once he sees dogs, he acts as if he has never seen them before. Cutter has a fear towards dogs.  Now we are giving him the opportunity for “dog watching” every Tuesday here at Puppy Kindergarten to get him to get used to seeing other dogs. At first, he growled and barked at any dog he saw, but 3 months later from his first visit, he rarely growls or barks! Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean he can play with them. 

We assume that he is around 2 years old. Since he wasn’t socialized with other dogs during his puppyhood, it will take a very long time for him to feel comfortable around other dogs. Cutter is a good example to show you how important it is for dogs to have socialization. We hope he will get over his fear and have an adventurous life at grass fields with other dogs some day.

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