Our Two Brand New Mixed Students & A Lesson On Leash Training Here at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance!

Bella the 5 month old Pomeranian/Papillon mix!

Bella the 5 month old Pomeranian/Papillon mix!

Welcome to Puppy Kindergarten, Bella! Bella is a sweet, loving, friendly, and very playful 5 month old Pomeranian/Papillon mix! Her owners stopped by Puppy Kindergarten for our free day of training, and they were concerned about her potty training, and puppy biting. So far at school, she has been doing a fantastic job! Bella will tend to bark consistently if she wants something. That would be called a demanding bark! If your dog barks directly at you, or at something in particular, they are being demanding. In this case, ignore them, or tell them, “No!”. Other than her barking, Bella is really great at learning the commands, and she is very motivated with food! Her potty training is coming along fantastically, and we know that she will become one amazing, trained student!

Tuck the 5 month old Puggle.

Tucker the 5 month old Puggle.

Welcome this sweet faced boy named Tucker! Tucker is a 5 month old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix), and his owner stopped by Puppy Kindergarten with the concerns of his over-excitement, settling down in the crate, and his slight separation anxiety. We noticed that he is VERY friendly, and he seems to do just fine when away from the owner! Tucker definitely does get a little over-excited from time to time, but with some practice, he learned how to calm down a lot quicker, and easier. We also noticed that this little fella loves to pull on the leash, quite strong as well! We had him put on a collar, and we tied the leash to the fence. Tucker was not used to being on a collar, and he was yanking away. To have your dog get used to being on the collar and leash, we have provided pictures for you to practice with!

Provide a blanket/towel for them to relax on, and make sure the leash isn’t tied around too tight. Enough to wear they can lay down comfortably! When your dog sits/lays down on the towel or blanket, praise and reward them! They won’t like the feeling of being pulled (which they will be doing on their own), so they learn that if they relax, it’s more comfortable for them! After a couple minutes of practice with Tucker, he was perfectly able to relax on the towel with both the “sit” and “down” command. Good job, Tucker!

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