Dog Training

Animal Plaza Puppy Kindergarten has been the leading dog training company in Japan for over 10 years. Now we’ve brought it here to the U.S to teach you and your new family member some of the best, and most positive training techniques there is! We specialize in only positive reinforcement type training. We want our students to have fun and most importantly, enjoy coming to Puppy Kindergarten! We here at Animal Plaza USA want our students to feel confident while being trained, and never scared or discouraged.

Our Puppy Kindergarten includes:

Basic Obedience: Obedience commands includes, sit-down-stay-come-stand-and heel.

Potty Training: Teaching them to perfectly potty in a designated area.

Crate Training: One of the easiest ways to potty train. Also a very safe way to take your dog on trips, to the vet, groomers, etc.

Socialization: Allowing them to get used to dogs of different breeds and sizes. Also allowing them to get used to strange noises, objects, and people!

Leash Training: To train them not to pull, but to walk next to you.

No Jump: We train them not to jump on people, tables, etc.

No Bark: To teach them how to control their barking.

Handling: Getting your dog used to being handled for future grooming and vet visits.

We offer a FREE consultation to evaluate your dog, and we also give you helpful tips along the way! Call us today to schedule your consultation now!


We also recommend to start training as early as 2.5 months! This way, they haven’t developed any bad habits, and we can prevent them from happening!


We also offer a Doggie Daycare!

Prices are:
$18.00 for half day (9 A.M – 1 P.M) (2 P.M – 6 P.M)
$36.00 for full day.


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