New Puppy Students Here at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance!


  Please give a warm welcome to this adorable boy named Kenshin! He is a 7 month old Miniature Schnauzer, and his mom stopped by Puppy Kindergarten with the concerns of his barking. We definitely heard him barking up a storm when he came here for his free day of training! He was also so […]

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Our Two Very Adorable Puppy Visitors Here at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance!


Last Friday, we had our free day of training here at Puppy Kindergarten! We had 2 adorable puppy visitors by the name of Kaley and Champ! This is Kaley! She is a 3 month old Rottweiler, and she’s very shy towards people. Kaley’s owners signed her up for the free day of training with the […]

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A Dedication Post for Gracie the Boxer Here at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance!

This is our little dedication post for Gracie the just recently turned 1 year old Boxer! We’re so glad that she and her family decided to join Puppy Kindergarten, it wouldn’t be the same without her! She definitely is able to put a smile on our faces whenever she comes to visit. Although she won’t […]

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Our Wonderful Daycare Student Westyn Here at Doggie Daycare in Torrance!

This is Westyn the (just recently turned 6 on Tuesday) Terrier Mix! He’s a very sweet and cuddly kind of guy who is actually Gracie the 1 year old Boxer’s older brother! His parents have been bringing him to Doggie Daycare every now and then for socialization, and wow has he improved! He used to […]

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Our New Visitor Clutch the 10 Month Old Boxer Here at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance!

Clutch the 10 Month Old Boxer This is Clutch! She is a 10 month old VERY sweet Boxer! Her owner came in today for a consultation with the concerns of digging, pulling on the leash, and chewing. She was very eager to play, but she was quite nervous when she interacted with some of the […]

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A New Boxer Student at Puppy Kindergarten in Torrance

Gracie (2-month-old Boxer) We’re so happy to welcome this lovable puppy here at Puppy Kindergarten! She is a 2-month-old Boxer girl from Redondo Beach, and today was her very first Kindergarten day. She already learned the “Sit” command today. She played really well with our 3-month-old Weimaraner, Perrin. She was perfect today!

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