Can your dog perform the down-stay command?

Dogs who mouths/bites, has difficulty potty training, barks, etc have a harder time performing the command.


The importance of the 4 basic commands:

  • Sit – The basic command that every dog should learn first! This gets them introduced to training, and to have them understand that it’s fun and enjoyable!

  • Down – This command teaches the dogs to be submissive. The father dog teaches this command to his kids first! The reason for this is to protect themselves, and to listen to their parents when needed.

  • Stay – To teach the dog patience and concentration. This is also another way to calm them down.

  • Come – To teach a stronger bond between human and dog. This distributes a trust between you and your dog.

We here at Animal Plaza USA Puppy Kindergarten only use positive reinforcement training to train our students. We never force them to do anything they don’t want to, and we strongly focus on praising and rewarding our students when something is properly done. We have them realize that training is fun and exciting!

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