What is a Puppy Kindergarten?
Just like a human Kindergarten – we have instructional classes and fun activities that are scheduled throughout the day.  Owners drop off their puppies in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

We cover all the essentials for training your new puppy which include:

Basic Obedience Training
Basic Command Training
Potty Training / Housebreaking
Walk / Leash Training
Socialization with other dogs and people
Prevention of Nuisance Behaviors
Owner training and instruction

What makes us different from other training classes? 
We train and socialize your puppy or dog for you at our location and spend much more time with them.

We offer classes that span 12, 24, or 30 full day sessions depending on the breed, age, and types of existing problem behaviors.

Repetitive training combined with positive rewards results in  proper behaviors becoming habits that the dog enjoys doing.

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to give us a call and schedule a free day of training.  We can evaluate your puppy / dog / rescue and talk to you about the different options available.

Please call us at 310-909-4536

Kathy’s Puppy Kindergarten Daily Schedule:

Our Puppy Kindergarten is open from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. We have a drop off time between 9 A.M-11 A.M.

From the time you drop your dog off, we start with what we call “Health Check” which are exercises to get them accustomed to handling by strangers such as vets or groomers.
We handle the paws, mouth, ears, tail, as well as the whole body. We also check for any rashes, hot spots, flea problems that may require treatment before exposing to other dogs.
Any mouthing or inappropriate behavior is gently corrected.

11 A.M- Socialization time a.k.a..play time! We get our students used to being around all different types of sizes and personalities. Our main goal is for our students to have fun! During the course of socialization, they are under trainer supervision. We encourage appropriate playful behavior.

12 P.M- We have our crate training portion time at 12 P.M. This is also when our students get to have their nap time!

   1 P.M- From 1 P.M, we start our training. One on one sessions with each student, working on our basic 6 commands (sit, stay, down, come, stand, heel), and we also work on our students behavioral concerns.

2 P.M- 
Our daily walks, as well as leash training start at 2 P.M. We train our students not to pull on the leash, but to walk next to you calmly. We enforce them to sit before going through crosswalks, and or busy areas.

3 P.M- Grooming. While using a moist towel, we wipe our students down after a long day of fun! This is also another way to get them accustomed to being handled. We follow-up by brushing them to get them used to the sensation, and to also have them look nice before your arrival.

4 P.M – 6 P.M is the owner pick up time. During the time of your pick up, our trainers will discuss your dog’s progress and discuss any issues or followup recommendations suggested before the next visit.

Lack of proper training and socialization at a young age is a one of the main reasons dogs can develop problem behaviors that can lead to abandonment in shelters later in life.

We safely socialize your puppy with other dogs, get them use to being handled by vets / groomers, teach them basic commands, and instruct the owners so that they can continue the training and reinforce the proper behaviors. The end result is a confident and happy dog that can better interact with their owners and the world around them.

For more details about the Kathy’s Puppy Kindergarten Classes and Dog Training sessions

Please call us at 310-909-4536 to book your appointment or stop by (2131 W 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504)

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